In the process of looking through Dr Samuel ‘Doc‘ Gruber’s images in the many photo albums, slide collection and digital library, contacting various professional photographers who have visited the Shark Lab, we also contacted all the previous staff, students and scientists who have spent time on Bimini. We built up an impressive historical photo library that was used to create the Shark Doc, Shark Lab book.

We have also asked them to share their stories and impressions for the author, Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch, to integrate in the core text of the book, and we included a selection of these memories in the last part of the book. Unfortunately, there were far too many stories to all be considered or included.

The following pages are in honour of all the people whose life has been touched or changed by Dr Samuel ‘Doc‘ Gruber and by their experience at the Bimini Shark Lab. We thank everyone who has contributed to helping us create this book, and bring it to life with forgotten facts and stories, funny anecdotes, crazy stories, etc.

If you would like to share your stories and memories about meeting Doc, working at the Shark Lab, or living on Bimini, please send us your text and photos.