Festive Season

This is a great book for any shark enthusiast or anyone interested in shark research. The book details the lifework and research of Dr. Samuel Gruber, founder of the Bimini Biological Field Station (aka Sharklab). Dr. Gruber has spent over 50 years at the leading edge of shark research and not only established the Sharklab,… Read More

Surf and Hammer

What happens when you’re just relaxing reading ‪#‎SharkDocSharkLab‬… a Great Hammerhead shark turns up and wants a read too! Thank you to all who have donated to the book and station rebuild so far, your books will be headed out to you very soon!  And if you haven’t yet heard about the awesome ‘Shark Doc, Shark Lab‘… Read More

Intrigued Bimini Boa

This Bimini Boa is pretty intrigued by ‪#‎SharkDocSharkLab‬… Want to see what it’s all about? Then follow this link to learn more and get your copy too! HUGE thanks to everyone who has already donated so far, ALL of your donations will go towards the building of the future hurricane proof, energy efficient, updated Sharklab research station!

Read it anywhere

‪#‎SharkDocSharkLab‬ is a book some have waited 25 years for.. Well, wait no more… Here..it..is! Please consider supporting us by purchasing a book today! Buy the your copy of the book on this website or on the Bimini Shark Lab website! Disclaimer: The book is unfortunately not waterproof. There are better ways to support this fundraising… Read More

Purchase options

On behalf of all of us at the Shark Lab we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who has donated so far! Your support has been overwhelming and your generosity humbling. For those still wishing to donate please see the below donation options available… Buy your copy of the book! The… Read More