What is your connection to the Shark Lab?

I Started coming to The BBFS in 2006 after I graduated from the University of Iowa.   I have been back several times as a volunteer and  I suppose as an employee.  It seems to be the first place I go after leaving a university.  Doc has sort of given me his ok almost to come go as I please, though I dont exploit it.  but Specifically I worked there, sept-dec 2006(volunteer); apr-aug 2009(volunteer); aug-sept 2010 (crew) [marquesas census-key west]; feb-may 2013 (visiting scientist/employee).


Tell us a story about Doc?

There are a million, most with inappropriate components. These are a couple short ones:

One from miami getting ready to leave for Marquesas doc picked myself and Alec todd up from our hotel.  And in the course of driving us to his home begins to talk about traffic obstructions.  Specifically that the mini roundabouts in south miami are for to stop crazy old  people from running stop signs.  And he said this AS he ran a stop sign with a roundabout.

Another from 2009, in a lab meeting describing chase downs for new people.  Doc had dislocated a shoulder and broken ribs the last time he did it.  When one of the staff said it was really dangerous because it was low tide, doc assumed we all knew about his injury [we didnt] and simply stated; “ well its worth getting injured because its soo much fun”.  With that the meeting ended and about 40 minutes later im running on a plane at high speed in skinny water in the lagoon with doc perched like a hood ornament on my Bow giving directions.  Krystyn Rubertus has video of this 2009 event.


Tell us a story about the Shark Lab?

As before there are a million. Most with inappropriate components, excessive danger, unflattering facts about co workers, possibly law breaking. But one time during pit 2009 we had been so sleep deprived and board that for reasons passing understanding, we decided to play afew rounds of guitar hero in drag. There are pictures of this on the wall at the lab.  And more than one person with a phd is participating.  Another innocuous one is the dressing up for food runs when we do pit sampling . I remember one came out as ninjas.  But one I did In 2013 we came out as team zissu. Complete with pregnant lady and life aquatic soundtrack..   there are also pictures of this.  Frankly you should be able to find pictures of just about any funny thing that got done there. In the last 10 years easy.


How did meeting Doc and working at the Shark Lab change your life?

Frankly working at the BBFS has been the only merit based hiring ive had.  And accounts for the  majority of my work in the conservation and wildlife fields.  That said, I most likely wouldnot have begun my graduate school career, harrowing as it has been, without having been to the BBFS.   Pretty much all of my references com from them.  And everyone I know of in conservation is somehow connected with the BBFS or AES. Also, a significant quantity of the weddings im asked to attend are someway connected to sharklab attendee’s.