What is your connection to the Shark Lab?

Despite being enrolled in Humboldt University, I have spent most of my PhD time (2012-2015) at the Bimini Biological Field Station as one of the principal investigators, in order to conduct my thesis project. This project is focused on investigating the presence of personality in juvenile lemon sharks in captivity and in the field and then bring juvenile lemon sharks’ personality into an ecological framework. No investigations as deep as this one have been realized before on shark’s personality. Nothing is really known about this topic in this animal group.


Tell us a story about Doc?

There is plenty of interesting stories with doc. The first time I met him was quite intimidating. Doc is a well-known personality in the shark world and a really smart guy. So just as a freshly graduated student, it is impressive to meet such a personage. And, well, he had some issues understanding my french accent (it is quite strong) which he, now, enjoys imitating. But to really know him, you have to be on a boat with him and catch a shark. The most crazy and exciting work up I have done on sharks was with Doc on the boat and it is surely the time I have been the most yelled at. But the point is that even after all these years of working with sharks, you can clearly see that his passion for sharks has not wear off. Doc is a man who managed to work with his passion but also managed to do so by developing such a well working field station. For these two facts I always think of Doc with the outmost respect.


Tell us a story about the Shark Lab?

It is important to understand that this station has allowed many people to first get experience in field works but more especially in handling sharks of all sizes. So yes Doc has changed my life by permitting me to get a really good experience with sharks that will, hopefully, allow me to keep working with these animals in the future. The shark lab is also a life changer. You meet so many different people with their different personality and nationality. It is a place where you learn to leave and work in community.

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