I would love to take a little walk down memory lane describing and giving information about our lives, living near the lab. I ‘am also writing on behalf of Marvin and Josette as well.


Let me start by saying that, actually we never worked at the shark lab.

Well for us Doc was kind of always there.Doc kind of new me before I was born, Josette at seven months and Marvin at two year. From we was growing up we would always go there to play, do homework or just relax. Dr Gruber and his wife Marie would always say that Marvin, Josette and I were permanent staff members. We always felt a part of the lab. We were giving the privilege to sit At Staff Meetings even though the volunteers weren’t. At the end of some meeting he would always ask the staff questions pertaining to the lab, and one of the questions would be, “how about the kid’s homework?” He would always act like a second father and Marie like mother to us. It spoiled us a bit. Many lifelong friends I now call my family were made by the lab e.g. are (Katie,Grant, Emily, Kristene, Licky, Kat, Tristian, Jill, Cortney and the list goes on ).  I could remember the first time I went on a shark dive. After that one encounter with those sharks swarming and swimming around me I no longer had fears about them. At that time I was really young. That one memory stayed with me until this day.  Being neighbours with lab Josette Marvin and I watched people from all around the world come and leave. I would always ask at least one person from the group who would be leaving. “Are you coming back?”Most would say they don’t know but,  I would always tell them that they’ll be back. I would say this because of the unforgettable memories and moments they would share at the lab. I know for sure I will see then once more on the island. Most would return for a visit or to volunteer again. Others may be the next staff crew or even lab manger. I would always witness the volunteers improvement in life skill, after they have passed through the lab.

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Growing up at the lab also played a roll in my education as well. Sometimes my brother and sister would spend many nights trying to finish school projects and other homework assignments. Now I’m actually in college studying biochemistry. This in which being at the lab also played a roll in. Josette is now studying psychology and my brother Marvin works at the Bimini Sands Marina.

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I could always remember how Doc use to hold us upside down and swing us around until we got dizzy it made us laugh a lot. He always wanted us to be happy. I grew greatly in love with sharks, nature and other animal. It would impossible not to. If I would was giving a chance to change anything about my experience about the lab I would change nothing.

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